How to instill peace in children?

How to instill peace in children?

Children are seen as sources of wealth and happiness in a family. That is because when a couple cannot have children, they cannot feel the joy of having the cute little ones around. Besides, it makes happy to think that the children will be there to take care of what parents have accumulated in time of need.

However, peace and happiness do not always reign at home, especially when the children are disrespectful and are not in good terms with their parents. As the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, says, people are hungry for peace because everywhere, there are always cases of conflicts and violence. The peace ambassador also says that peace is possible. But what should be done to instill ;peace in children?

Teach children to respect the others

If you take the public transportation, you may have already noticed how aggressive people are, especially during rush hour. Yet, traditionally, it was common to give up one's seat if an elderly person or a pregnant lady happens to stand up near. To greet an older person, it was also common to remove the hat and bow, in order to show respect. However, such customs seem to be quite unusual to the youths nowadays.

On the other hand, frequent use of slang and colloquial language makes it difficult for children to show respect when they speak. Such behavior may lead to resentment and anger in their teacher or in any other respectful adults. Therefore, it is crucial that respect be cultivated, either it is through gestures or through language in order to instill peace in children.

Teach them to love and share

Love is the essence of everything. Without love, people tend to show all evil characteristics, which are enmity, jealousy, and hatred, and these induce wars. Of course, nobody would love to see their children engage in conflicts or become bullies.

Thus, it is important to teach them to love their family and friends. This could be induced through sharing and mutual help. If children are encouraged to share the little things they have, they will be able to maintain peace with their surroundings.

Teach them about humility and forgiveness

Another important value to be implanted in children is humility, without which they won't be able to forgive their friends' iniquities and errors.

Without meekness, one will become moody or aggressive, and hold grudges, which in turn will lead to all sorts of evils. It is needless to say that most individuals who have not managed to clean their heart and forgive their friends have not become successful in their studies and in life. That is because some of them have been evicted from school or fired from work, and others have turned into criminals.

Therefore, it is vital that tolerance and humbleness be nurtured in children to transform them into pacific individuals.

Other ways to impart peace with children

Apart from the previously mentioned methods, it is also helpful to encourage children and youths into non-violence as follows: 

  • Nurture the value of honesty since early childhood 
  • Expose children to harmony by reading stories about pacific people 
  • Induce compassion by encouraging them to do charities through humanitarian organizations, like The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) 
  • Cultivate their creative talent for peace, including drawing or story writing.